A Brief About Stacked Stone Cladding?

When it comes to your home fixtures, the two most important words that come to your mind are durability and style. Everyone is keen to have these two features in their homes. Now there is good news for you. One of the most effective ways to add a layer of style and durability to your home, walls, or other fixtures is to go for stone cladding. 

You must be wondering what is stone cladding? Stone cladding is an extra layer that is made either with real or manufactured stones and is added over other buildings or walls. For example, on a building that is built with metal, you can have stacked stone cladding. It would not only enhance the look and feel of the building but will also add to its durability.

  • Types of Stone Cladding :

Despite the name being stone cladding, most often the facing is made with some other kind of material that looks and feels like real stone. Usually, a concrete base is used to create these simulated products for stacked stone cladding. The stone cladding most often is attached to different kinds of materials like timber frames, fibre cement sheets, waterproofing sheet barrier, metal mesh, or a coat of mortar. Sometimes stone cladding also requires the support of extra braces to hold them tight on the walls.

Sometimes, stone cladding is made with real stones. In such cases, the stone is quarried and is converted to thin slices so that the weight could be reduced as much as possible. Since real stones are heavier it requires extra support to be placed on the walls.

  • Why use Stone Cladding?

Stacked Stone walls can give buildings and homes a rustic look, which in turn can be a pleasant view for the onlookers. To be honest, stacked stone cladding can add a character element to your building. But at the same time, you need to check out how the surrounding buildings look. If most of them are made of brick or wood, just one building having a stone wall might look a little out of place.

On the other hand, you should consider the additional weight that is associated with these stone cladding. Even the ones which are synthetic walls have some weight added to them. Though it is not much of a problem, in case you aren’t sure you need to get in touch with experienced contractors.

  • A Comparison between Natural and Manufactured Stone for Cladding :

As a homeowner, you must be thinking about what shall be the best choice for stacked stone cladding? Is it natural stone or the manufactured ones? There are two sides to the story. The manufactured stones aren’t made with any hazardous materials; hence you can easily have it both inside and outside the home, without worrying much. Similarly, as far as manufactured stones are concerned, they are easier for companies to make.

But most importantly, manufactured stone cladding is preferred due to its lightweight. The advantage is that you need not fret about needing extra support to install them on the wall. On the contrary, natural stone is more durable and has a higher aesthetic appeal.

Hence, the choice depends upon your situation and you need to choose wisely.