Installation And Repairing Of Timber Flooring In Wahroonga

Most of the house owners in Wahroonga prefer timber flooring for their house. Properly maintained timber flooring in Wahroonga can be used for a long period. If the timber floors are not maintained properly it will cause damage to the wooden floors. Sometimes there may be tear or wear on the timber floor because of placing heavy objects on them, heavy traffic movements of the people and stagnant water on the timber floor. Scratches on the timber floor will give a bad look to the house so you must repair the timber floor to regain the elegant and natural look of the timber floor.
Repairing of Timber flooring in Wahroonga
Small scratches and minor problems on the timber floor can be repaired manually. You can steel wool or do the sanding by hand to rectify small issues on the timber floor. It is recommended if there are any small scratches then it is better to do hand sanding in only the scratched area and do light touch upon the surrounding area. 
To make the timber floor look original polish the scratched area. Wood putty powder and coloring agents are used to hide the scratched or damaged in engineered floors. Try different combinations of the mixture to match the color of the original floor. It will be a little hard to match but it will give you the best result. You can get advice from the experts for further ideas. 
For fixing small dents add water in that place. Once the water is added the wood starts to swell. For small dents, you can use this temporarily but do it very carefully. If you add water on the normal surface or if you extra water then it will create a big issue. For doing this process perfectly you can use medium heat with heat gun or cloth. 
There will be special repair kit for engineered flooring. You can use that kit for repairing dents and scratches. The main reason for problem in engineered flooring is the poor installation process. If the base floor is attached properly with glue then there will not be any damage in engineered flooring. Sometimes the damage on engineered flooring maybe because of the moisture. 
Sanding is done to reset the large stains on the timber floor. It can be done in the affected area. But it is always recommended to get the help of professionals for large damage.
Replacement of floor 
If the wood floors are damaged badly then immediately remove the damaged piece from the floor and replace it with the new one. You can use nail or glue to fix the new wooden floors to the subfloors. In case of cracks first fill the damage place and then do sanding process. If needed polish the sanded surface to match the damaged place with the original one. 
Engineered floors are easy to maintain when compared with the solid timber floors because the sub-layer of the engineered floor is made of normal plywood and there is only a thin layer of timber is placed on the top of the subfloor.