What Is Tile And Grout Sealer

Grout sealer is a very important element for the tile installation process, it helps in keeping the moisture under the tiles. The grout doesn’t stabilize the tile because the tile is being held by the mortar which doesn’t require any extra support. The sand below the grout is porous and this makes the grout also porous.

Grout sealer is a very important element required in the tile installation process, the grout helps is filling the gap between the tiles. The grout which is mostly used is in sanded form, which means that grout has sand in it.

It’s very easy to apply grout sealer but the work is tedious, it’s said that if the tile size is small the grout quantity will be more. If you install small mosaic tile then you need a lot of grout sealing. If the tile size is larger, in that case, the sealing work will be quicker and faster. 

One can also try the spray on grout sealer in order to reduce the time taken in applying the grout in the whole room at times it takes more than 24 hours to do so.

Grout sealing is occasionally required on an existing tile the tiles that are not fresh but installed a long time back, the tiles that have busy passage require more regular grout sealing application, for example, the kitchen tiles are used on a very regular basis hence it required very frequent resealing compared too other sections in the house.

A very ideal way of checking which part requires grout sealing in the house is to do a small sprinkle test, just by sprinkling water around the tile field you can check if the tile requires grout sealing, if the grout area quickly dries up that means you need resealing in that area whereas areas that are wet and water doesn’t absorb will not require grout sealing.

Usually after installing a tile one should wait till the grout is 100% dry and then only the grout sealer should be applied, no moisture should be there else the soaking process will be incomplete. Once the tile is fixed the room should be made warm enough to ensure grout sealing is done properly.

Grout sealing should never be done on a tile that is non-glazed so that the sealer soaks in the tile and doesn’t come out, there are 3 choices like brushing, rolling and spraying. Brushing is a bit difficult because the brush applicator is slightly difficult to handle and it's hard on application also, you need to reapply the grout wherever the portion is dry. Rollers are not a very perfect but still better option; the sealing is done properly and doesn’t need a lot of effort. 

Spraying is definitely an easy option and required very less effort and time, but its costlier and later required a lot of cleaning work because there is more of after work involved.

All these methods of grout sealing can be used in order to ensure that tiles are in a good position and doesn’t need resealing again and again.